What is U.L.F.O.?

U.L.F.O. stay for Ultra Low Frequency Observatory, it is the project of a new generation of receiver for ULF band 0.1~30Hz, based on Lock In modulation.

Why ULF band?

Very important scientific works has define that some phisical event like:the electromagnetic precursor of earthquakes, the earth lights, aurora borealis, Schumann resonance and the Hessdalen (Norway) lights, have markers in ULF band.

Who works on ULFO?

ULFO is a Joinment of Eng. Andrea Ghedi;Eng. Carla Cirolli; Eng Jader Monari and Eng Marco Poloni (Radio astronomy Istitute of Italian national research council) ,  Radio astronomy Istitute of Italian national research council and CIPH (Italian Commitee for project Hessdalen).

State of the art.

ULFO has passed the first part of project and was tested by Pspice simulation tool, now we had make  PCB and then realizing first prototipe that have allowing important goals.


Modulator prototipe


To have information about ULFO contact Eng. Andrea Ghedi 


Papers and Publications

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www.ira.cnr.it www.itacomm.net www.vlf.it